Sleeping War Away



Delivering Democracy To The World


One sandbag at a time…


“Can you forgive a pig-headed old fool with no eyes to see with and no ears to hear with all these years?”

– Ebenezer, A Christmas Carol, 1951


after Nate Klug

To stand for the first time
Outside myself

To look in,
A hangman’s noose around my neck
And feel no remorse
And yet regret

There is no name
For this lawless labyrinth

We have claimed it
For it to claim us.

How many wrongs can I write?


“my only regret
is not having the courage
to have any.”

– an email from a friend of mine when he got back stateside.



Actual comment on the site I got this from: “that explosion could make for the best wedding picture ever!”

Kids And War Go Together Like Mac’n’Cheese




This is the back blast of an AT-4. That means that this is what happens on the FIRING end. . .

War kills like this.

July 3, 2007. Fallujah

I don’t give a fuck about America.
America don’t give a fuck about me.

In Iraq in Kuwait in Germany in Texas

their cologne smells like
every Asian guy in my company.
it’s not an unpleasant smell -not sickly sweet, not girly.
fuck it’s not even heady.

their cologne smells like the train to Washington
when the train to Washington smells like Iraq
in Kuwait, in Germany, in Texas.
it’s an attractive smell -not sickly sweet, not girly.
it just smells like the home I keep trying to find.

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