Sleeping War Away



Delivering Democracy To The World


One sandbag at a time…


The 101st

After the soldiers leave, Farha
And her three daughters and her two nieces and her mother
Spend a week cleaning the house
That has a hole where the door used to be.
They take all the china from the cupboards,
Pile it on the floor, on the table, on the counter;
It takes them two days to wash them.
Then, they put the vases to bed on the sofa
And, sitting in a circle on the floor, they all find a job
And soon the vases are clean.
They spend two days washing every piece of fabric
From every cupboard, every drawer.
They spend a night wiping all the walls,
Hours sweeping the floors.
But when Farha can’t find her burkas she realizes
This house will never again be her home.

(And in twenty minutes, the Airborne’s
Undone it all again.)



Not sure where this is. Grabbed it off the internet a long time ago – probably from here.



Actual comment on the site I got this from: “that explosion could make for the best wedding picture ever!”

Fighting Holes


Ranger grave up. These arent comfy but i miss them. They’re also more comfortable than most sleeping arrangements in-country once you get outside the FOB.



Think this might be Restrepo. Korengal valley is infamous in Afghanistan. It’s also where Pat Tillman was killed (Jon Krakauer wrote a good book about that).

Kids And War Go Together Like Mac’n’Cheese


“This isn’t about the colour of their skin, or about religion. This is about who they are. And who they are are very ordinary people who have been swayed by tyrants and terrorists to become radical Islamic fundamentalists seeking revenge against us for upholding the, you know, the values that we have. And those values are…are integrity and liberty and freedom.”

George W. Bush, February 3, 2004, answering questions after media announced that 13 civilians were killed by a guided-missile near Khost, on Afghanistan’s Pakistan border.

Sep. 15, 2011

after Edward Said

No less fearsome are the guerrillas.

Feb. 4, 2002

The strike was in Paktia province.
“A decision was made to fire
The Hellfire missile.
It was fired” at the tall man in long robes.

How many times do you have to clear your throat
To lie like you do?

“We’re convinced that it was an appropriate target.
We do not know yet exactly who it was.”

We do not know yet who it was,
We are convinced it was an appropriate target.

An appropriate target for our unmanned drone,
With enough explosives to penetrate a village and never pull out.

He expected the identities of the three people to prove “interesting”
To prove a war was required to stop grown men from collecting
Scrap metal in broad daylight
In the country to which they belonged.

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